BOSS OD-2R & OD-2 MOD Marshall-inspired Sound - BOSS OD-2R

BOSS OD-2R & OD-2 MOD Marshall-inspired Sound

On the following OD-2 and OD-2R MODs, I can have the right of citing these sample movie here granted by the author who loaded them into Youtube, so that I just would like to introduce it to you right now.

Try the MODs, now your orders of contract manufacturing will be accepted.

BOSS OD-2R MOD Marshall-inspired Sound

BOSS OD-2 MOD Marshall-inspired Sound
(without any additional MOD for low noise& presense)

I have a report from the author sayinig that the following condition to record sounds is the same for all of three takes. For comparison, a clean channel of a Marshall Valvestate 8020 is performed in any time when they are recorded. Especially, in 10 seconds a clean channel only, however, after 10 seconds a clean channel plus OD-2 or OD-2R, turbo distortion, as you know.

It seems that he made a lot of efforts to recapture the exact same sound as like he really heard, including these nuance. I appreciate to his all of efforts or trials and errors.

For instance, he experienced that the recording through a line was different from the usual sound without no reason, or the recording through an IC recorder made the sound changed slightly. In the long run, he could come around the situation by using a digital video and loading them into Youtube. Again thousands of thanks!

In these days, I am also trying to make sample sounds for myself as well as asking some persons, whom I have already offered the MODs, to make sample sound or to participate in. I hope that everyone can participate in or load their sounds into this blog.

At the end, if there is any room to left my comment here, I can say that you can believe in you as well as in your friends till the last, especially in such a terrible era . Why don't you invest your money and time into you, your music, and precious time with your friends.

Yes, tonight is your answer! Yes, we can change, the change we need!! (like Mr. Obama)

Amp: Marshall Valvestate8020(20W)
Channel: Clean Channnel
Master Volume: 4

OD-2R & OD-2
Level: Apropriate level for each (at 10 o’clock)
Drive: MAX
Tone: MAX

OD-2R(Turbo ON)

OD-2(Turbo ON)


Any uses of the information and data, published on this blog site, is at your own and sole risk when any MODs are conducted into your pedals according to the information.

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